The leading-edge research that can in the future benefit vision of patients worldwide is a complex and expensive process. Even with the world's brightest minds gathered at the Chen Lab, every discovery and breakthrough require countless experiments and years of hard work. By donating to Chen Lab, you can make a difference. The new equipment will allow us to work faster and be more efficient; better reagents reduce the rate of unsuccessful experiments, outsourcing well-established experiments will free up the staff's working hours for the new projects and discoveries. Several organizations and private individuals have already donated to our group. Reach out to Mass General Brigham Mass Eye and Ear Development Office every contribution count in our relentless pursuit of a better vision. Become a part of the effort.

Gifts of $25,000 or more

Arthur B Fisher

Daniel C Moore

James Waner

Gifts of $10,000 - $25,000

Michael D. Andres

Wayne M Comfort

William E Snyder

John R. Sutton

The Was Group, LLC

Jadyn Marley Cure for Kids Fund


Gifts under $9,999
Brandon Aebersold; Louis Bedell; William G Broaddus; Blake Comfort; Diane E Donovan; James M. Donovan; J. K. Elis; Richard Elledge; Douglas A. Hauth; Luke T. Landis; Dallas Lincoln; Anjpa Lone; James P. O’Hare; Joan Pakadas; Praveen Pemmaraju; Jennifer Purcell; Lester E. Richardson; Daniel R. Talbot; Michael VanHorn; Joyce A. Waters;  Jadyn Marley Foundation